My approach to my work is direct, intuitive, and visceral, I create gestural and performative marks as a bodily glimpse of my time in this world. 

Whilst exploring different materials and mediums, I realise that the space I have worked in lockdown for most of this year, (the studio) is itself another medium to play with. The presence of the old posts and beams and the physical space inside my rustic eighty-year-old studio is embraced and integrated to become the work. The building’s influence is evident in this current body of work as it exists as my present-day reality.
I am learning and absorbing a new dialogue, a new language. A renewed perception is emerging as a transformative interface, with different possibilities and boundaries. This is enabling me to discover a fresh perspective in my practice with an enlivened responsiveness of ‘encountering’. A choreography is developing which is answering to the space not only as a building which I work from, but a physical and sculptural form.
My body moves in conversation with the studio which I thought I knew everything about, having worked here for the past twenty years. A new framework and context where my studio the physical space has become another physical medium to play with.